Windows Monitoring.

In-depth, agile and cost effective Windows Monitoring

Itheon provides powerful Windows monitoring and automation of your business-critical systems. Intelligent monitoring removes false alerts and provides an unrivalled vision for teams. SaaS delivery means rapid deployment and fast results.

In addition to Windows, Itheon monitors IBM i, Unix, and VMS through a single pane of glass. This unified approach lowers overheads and makes problem resolution faster.

Windows Monitoring

Never miss critical alerts

Noisy monitoring solutions mean that teams can miss critical alerts. Itheon is among the lowest alert per server ratio of all the major monitoring solutions. This means teams avoid alert fatigue and consistently respond to problems faster

Windows monitoring

Every Metric and API on Windows

Itheon monitors all aspects of Windows availability and performance. It captures every metric including Perfmon and wmi. Itheon interfaces with anything running on Windows servers such as Soap, Java, JavaScript, C, Python, odbc and Perl.

Windows monitoring

Powerful automation capabilities

Intelligent, automated fixes raise standards and lower costs. Itheon can proactively fix even multi-faceted events without the need for human intervention, lowering the cost of running critical services. Itheon typically reduces daily operational tasks by 40%. 

Windows Monitoring

Easy deployment

As a SaaS solution, Itheon is easy to set up and deploy with minimal effort required to migrate from existing monitoring solutions. This means immediate benefit and a rapid return on investment.

SMS, email and service desk

Itheon can generate SMS messages and emails as well as interface with leading service desk solutions such as ServiceNow and Landesk.

Windows monitoring

Reasons to choose Itheon

  • Raise standards and lower costs
  • Fully featured at one cost-effective price
  • Never miss a critical incident
  • Avoid alert fatigue
  • Unified (Windows, IBM i, Unix, Linux and VMS)
  • Powerful automation

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