Itheon: Overview

Itheon (Formerly RoboMon) for VMS is the most complete monitoring solution in the marketplace today. Having been developed over a decade, the software continues to evolve, offering supreme visibility into resource usage and performance. Itheon not only ensures IT teams run their virtual machines efficiently, but the SaaS also provides scalability for the most complex and meaningful environments.

Itheon has now partnered with VMS Software Inc (VSI) to provide the very highest levels of availability and performance, continuing our pioneering journey in the world of VMS. By raising standards, lowering costs, improving response and optimising resources, Itheon ensures clarity and automation around every environment, no matter how complex. With a mature 10+ year pedigree of delivering marquee, monitoring, alerting, automation and business process monitoring, Itheon has a proven track record of working with leading companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Much more than a versatile tool, Itheon is equipped to function flawlessly with the most bespoke, vertical-specific and in-house applications, services and infrastructures.


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  • Understand the health of your server with the most in-depth VMS monitoring and alerting available.
  • Faster resolution with automated fixes – saving resources and improving service levels.
  • Built for all the latest versions of VMS (and backwards compatible V5).
  • Alert sophistication means only real alerts are delivered, so your team will not be overwhelmed by notification fatigue.
  • Complex escalation and problem management, making Itheon the ideal partner to save operations and admin teams from tedious, repetitive and mundane tasks.
  • With a web-based front end, Itheon features SMS, email, and pager alerting.
  • Truly built for VMS – our agents are cluster-aware and will adapt to changes in cluster status.
  • Cost-effective, modern and mature bringing your VMS server into the story of your goals.


Designed for MORE than just VMS

Itheon is the only solution designed for more than VMS, meaning that you can show your VMS server’s contribution to your company’s IT and understand the impact each has on the other. With a unified view for technical, service delivery and business processes, you can reap many rewards:

  • A consolidated solution that delivers alerting for Windows, Unix, Linux and IBM I
  • Scalable for the most complex IT environments
  • Understand how your VMS machine is working in conjunction with other critical systems
  • Easily configured to a particular user’s requirements
  • Emulates the intelligence and reason of a human expert


Ensuring business continuity while accelerating transformation

In summary, Itheon for VMS is part of the Itheon family that includes Windows, Unix, IBM i and Linux. With high levels of automation, Itheon can alleviate most of your IT teams’ daily operational tasks, ensuring your talented technicians can continue working towards your strategic goals. Itheon comes with all of the usual marquee applications covered out of the box, but is easily adapted for bespoke environments. Unified alerting means there’s absolutely no need for more war rooms. You can take the most appropriate response every time.


Solution Summary

Every Metric on VMS

Every metric from VMS is available to our rules-based alerting. This means that if-then-else logic can be built into decisions on whether to alert and what action to take on your machine. These metrics are built into “domains” so that they can easily be included in rules.   

Domains include, but are not limited to;

  • Node
  • System
  • Cluster
  • Process
  • Quota
  • File 
  • Object
  • Job
  • Sysgen
  • Device

With over 2000 statistics available, everything that the operating system knows can be alerted on and included in our rules-based alerting.


User-defined domains

For the application, programmatic and API layer user-defined domains are easily created listening to the output from commands, log files, code and bat files, restful interfaces and java etc. Therefore, Itheon can interrogate multiple data sources, keeping them as context-sensitive arrays and including them in rules for alerting, automation and escalation etc.

Being totally flexible, Itheon can monitor any application running on a VMS machine from multiple perspectives. This lowers effort while raising standards and enables skilled automatic proactive responses.


The automated expert: faster, smoother and smarter

Itheon is designed to replicate a human’s intelligence so that sophisticated monitoring and response is delivered every time. This means that fixes are applied the first time, every time. This reduces the need for manual intervention and increases performance delivery. As a result, you can free up valuable resources with a cost-effective solution that handles daily operational tasks.



We have both agent-based and agentless monitoring for Windows, Unix, IBM i, Unix and Linux, so you can easily configure VMS into the context of the other systems and servers working in your environment. The same rule created on one server can be used and run on another. You can then monitor all your servers and applications from one place, negating war rooms and speeding up responses.



Itheon understands how all of your systems must work together to meet the goals of your business. We will show the cause and effect of problems as they occur so that you know exactly how your business processes are performing. This means that whether the cause is on the server itself or is caused by other servers or applications, your business will know precisely the root cause and effect



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