Itheon: Overview

Itheon (Formerly RoboMon) for VMS is the most complete monitoring solution in the marketplace today. Having been developed over a decade, the software continues to evolve, offering supreme visibility into resource usage and performance. Itheon not only ensures IT teams run their virtual machines efficiently, but the SaaS also provides scalability for the most complex and meaningful environments.

Itheon has now partnered with VMS Software Inc (VSI) to provide the very highest levels of availability and performance, continuing our pioneering journey in the world of VMS. By raising standards, lowering costs, improving response and optimising resources, Itheon ensures clarity and automation around every environment, no matter how complex. With a mature 10+ year pedigree of delivering marquee, monitoring, alerting, automation and business process monitoring, Itheon has a proven track record of working with leading companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Much more than a versatile tool, Itheon is equipped to function flawlessly with the most bespoke, vertical-specific and in-house applications, services and infrastructures.

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