Unix and Linux Monitoring.

In-depth, agile and cost effective Unix and Linux Monitoring

Itheon for Unix is the most complete Unix monitoring solution available today. Easy to use means maximising return on investment. Sophisticated automation means that problems are resolved before they affect service.

Itheon has the ability to comprehensively monitor Unix and all other mainstream technologies including IBM i, Windows, and VMS through a single pane of glass. This unified approach lowers overheads and makes problem resolution easier.

Unix and Linux Monitoring

Easy deployment

As a SaaS solution, Itheon is easy to set up and deploy with minimal effort required to migrate from existing monitoring solutions. This will allow you to immediately benefit from the highest level of monitoring and automation

Unix and Linux Monitoring

Powerful automation capabilities

With sophisticated automation, Itheon can proactively fix multi-faceted events without the need for human intervention, lowering the cost of running critical services. Itheon helps organisations to get the most out of their Unix systems ensuring users enjoy the best experience possible.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Never miss a critical incident
  • Get more from Unix systems
  • Avoid alert fatigue

Unix and Linux Monitoring

Flexible application monitoring

Itheon delivers in-depth monitoring of packaged Unix applications. With flexibility at its core, Itheon rapidly adapts to even the most bespoke environment, making it faster and more powerful than open-source monitoring. Itheon delivers a wealth of functionality at a single price and ensures costs are predictable. 

Unix and Linux Monitoring

Monitor all aspects of performance

Itheon minimises notification fatigue and allows staff to focus on tasks that can make a meaningful difference. Unix and Linux monitoring notifies staff of problems in real-time, takes corrective action and monitors results for success.

  • Check programs are running and automatically restart them
  • See if processes exist and are working normally
  • Check performance criteria, such as CPU, I/O and memory
  • Clear up valuable disk space
  • Test connectivity
  • Ensure API’s are working

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