Server Monitoring.

Optimise business performance

Server monitoring

Modern unified SaaS monitoring

Itheon offers a modern unified server monitoring solution for your entire stack whether virtual or physical, including IBM i, Windows, VMS and Unix. No other monitoring solution can support this level of diversity through a single pane of glass. SaaS means less infrastructure, less code, less effort and rapid results and the high levels of automation means faster fixes and a better service

  • Cost Effective
  • Tailored
  • Highly automated

High levels of automation, reducing cost and improving quality

Itheon’s intelligence, allows fixes to be automated, improving consistency and lowering costs. Itheon reduces time spent on routine manual tasks, empowering IT teams to work on more valuable activities.

An easy to use, tailored SaaS solution

As a SaaS solution, scalability and robustness are met without the need for investment in infrastructure. Itheon is easy to use yet flexible enough to ensure maximum return on investment.

Itheon is easily tailored, empowering teams to deliver in-depth monitoring of the entire estate. 

Spot problems before they affect users

Itheon has the lowest alert per server ratio of all its competitors. This is driven by clever alerting that reduces clutter and means the real problems are easy to spot. 

As a result, teams resolve problems faster, are proactive and work on the right problems before any drop in service levels.

Supporting the very best

IBM i Monitoring

Itheon enables comprehensive and proactive monitoring of everything IBM i.

Windows Monitoring

From standalone servers to complex environments, Itheon improves service levels and reduces administrative costs.

VMS Monitoring

With the ability to rapidly pinpoint issues with VMS platforms Itheon ensures critical processes run flawlessly.

UNIX Monitoring

Optimise the performance and availability of your diverse Unix and AIX environments with Itheon.

Linux Monitoring

With a simple, proactive and practical approach, Itheon monitors Linux servers and reports back to key stakeholders with clarity.


Helping you get the most out of server monitoring

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