Monitoring for Managed Service Providers.

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Monitoring For MSP Providers

MSP Monitoring

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP), your monitoring solution is business-critical. MSP Monitoring will make your business more profitable and attractive to customers and enable you to view your IT through a single pane of glass. Enterprise-class monitoring is the only way to deliver managed services well. Monitoring for MSP’s should provide tangible benefits for your company. Itheon has been created by an MSP and is the best MSP solution available. Itheon has been moulded by years of experience so that it delivers the very things all monitoring for MSP’s has to do.

MSP Monitoring

Give your company a unique selling point

Being able to monitor and manage more of your customer’s environment means you can say “yes” more often.  Monitor your customer’s servers and applications faster and more widely than the competition is a unique selling point. On-Boarding becomes quicker, seamless and less painful for all concerned  Being able to monitor even the most bespoke application quickly improves service and gives real reasons for loyalty.

Monitoring For MSP Providers

Generate new conversations and new value

Every Managed Service Provider knows that new customers start a journey that should be mutually beneficial.  The conversation about how best to tailor your services and deliver real customer value should be ongoing. Itheon’s flexibility means you can monitor more of your customer’s vital services as well as automate more than the competition.  As you discover more areas that your customer needs support based around challenges related to visibility, control, automation, and rapid responses, you can wrap new monitoring services around them faster than the competition.

IT monitoring for MSP

Create trust through visibility

Itheon Monitoring for MSP’s means you can create custom portals that allow your customer to see the services you deliver in real-time.  This generates trust by being transparent to the customer as well as showcasing your confidence in the service being provided. These can also be used to share their service status onwards and is a useful tool to use when organising service reviews.

Clarity and insight means rapid response

Itheon has the lowest alert per server ratio of all its competitors. This means your services scale more efficiently, needing less staff to manage them while improving response times. Providing proper Managed Service Provider monitoring means that your teams have to spend less time looking at anything but required alerts.  

Automation improves service quality and scalability

In the world of Managed services to make a service viable it must be scalable, repeatable, and robust.  Automation achieves all of these goals by improving service while lowering costs. Itheon has the highest automation levels, typically automating 40% of daily tasks.  This is essential for MSP monitoring as it allows you to deliver high-quality services in a cost-efficient way.

Monitoring For MSP Providers

The task of change must be low effort and high reward

Itheon is SaaS meaning zero infrastructure is required. Having been around for 38 years means we are very experienced at changing your monitoring quick and painlessly.  Itheon is easy to use and that means you get far more from your investment than from much harder to use software where skill levels inhibit the use of the product.

Itheon Monitoring for MSP's

  • Generate real customer loyalty
  • Create new upsell opportunities
  • Lower costs and improve standards
  • Make managed services easier to scale
  • Improve reputation through being able to say yes more often, and do so reliably


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