6 Ways That MSP Monitoring Makes Your Business Work

6 Ways That MSP Monitoring Makes Your Business Work

Spot the problem faster than your customers.

Customers rightly demand that MSP’s are better at running their IT than doing it themselves. The first step in making sure that happens is knowing when problems occur faster than your customer. This means monitoring that understands service and not just metrics and clearly shows the problem.

Fix the problem faster than your customers.

Automation is key here; your monitoring should find the problem and fix it. Automation fixes issues faster than humans ever could. Automation should be more than simple fixes and more complex multi-step checks and fixes.
When humans fix a problem, they try a fix, check the status, try another spot based on the results, and contact people based on a range of inputs and parameters (duration, time spent, amount of retries, change in service, dependencies etc.). Your monitoring should automate even the most complex problem-saving effort and cost while raising service levels.

Lower costs flexibly

MSP’s need high-quality, low-cost services that are more cost-effective than our customers can do it themselves. The only way this can be achieved is if your monitoring scales quickly and cost-effectively Best practice is to use agents where high levels of automation are needed, agentless where fast deployment and ease of control are the requirements. Itheon offers the best of both worlds.

Adapt to ever more complex IT problems.

Customers come in ever-changing shapes and sizes. Managed services monitoring must adapt quickly so that your services are always tailored to your customers’ needs. If this is the other way round both the services offered and the awareness of their quality are compromised. Choose to monitor that your teams can quickly and easily adapt to your customer’s needs.

Share the lowered costs.

Managed Service Provider monitoring should lower costs in two ways: lower effort through automation which fixes problems faster and with less human error. This then causes the raising of standards which decreases the number of issues. These cost savings then get shared with both parties through the benefits of more time to improve service, lower costs and raised standards.

Itheon does all of these things.

Itheon is easy to use and flexible to adapt to your customers’ ever-changing world. Itheon clarity and automation means your teams spot faster than your customers, and automation fixes them more quickly than your teams ever could. These benefits are felt by both the MSP and the customer and therefore are mutually beneficial to both parties.

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