IBM i Agent Overview Data Sheet


Itheon lowers costs, improves response and optimises resources to deliver clarity and automation around every environment. Itheon has helped enterprises raise standards and drive innovation for 10+ years. With a proven track record of working with major leading companies across a multitude of sectors, Itheon delivers in-depth monitoring of even the most bespoke, vertical-specific and in-house applications, services and infrastructures.


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  1. Best value for money, cost-effective and easy to use equals the best return on investment.
  2. One intelligent and intuitive platform to monitor everything in your IT stack.
  3. Painless transition, no matter how complex your environment is.
  4. The most in-depth monitoring available in the marketplace for IBM i with the broadest range of metrics available.
  5. As a multi-platform monitoring platform, Itheon delivers a single pane of glass view, lowering management overheads and costs.
  6. Itheon covers IBM i Windows, Unix, Linux, and VMS.
  7. High levels of automation minimise human intervention and human error, improving fixes, raising standards while lowering resources needed to maintain high levels of response.
  8. Spot problems faster and work on the right one straight away due to fewer alerts. Itheon has multi-criteria alerting and so dramatically lowers the number of alerts compared to other monitoring solutions.
  9. In-depth reporting that’s easily interpreted – using sisense based reporting from our SaaS environment.
    Business Process Monitoring that quickly understands where problems are located, reducing response times and leading to a complete understanding of even the most complex and interdependent environments.
  10. Bespoke application and services covered by design. Delivering the benefit of being able to improve service levels quickly and easily with everything seen with clarity, insight and automation – no matter how personalised or vertical-specific your company’s infrastructure might be.


Itheon Best in Class for IBM i

Whether you’re looking to track performance at a granular level, drive digital transformation or scale without a dramatic price increase, Itheon for IBM i is the best in class solution. A quick glance at just some of the out of the box monitoring available shows the depth and maturity that 25+ years in this space brings. Blue Chip believes this provides the broadest range of IBM i monitoring capability possible in the market today.

Currently deployed on over 4000 servers (including over 400 IBM i partitions), reliability is the hallmark of Itheon.


Unified Dashboard 

Output Queue Monitoring

BPM View

Maintain Output Queue

Automated Fixes

Device Monitoring

Message Monitoring

Job Monitoring 

Non Received Message

Job Queue Monitoring

Escalation Paths 

Check File Existence


Crest Gateway

Subsystem Monitor  

BRMS low Scratch Tapes 

System Monitor (ASP, System conditions, Job Condition, System Pools) 

Configuration Status Monitor (status of lines, controllers, devices, Network)

Output Queue Monitoring

Enable Netserver User profile

Maintain Output Queue

Check Job description Library List 

Device Monitoring

Big Spool File check

Job Monitoring 

Library Job List Check

HA Software Monitoring– Quick-EDD, MIMIX, iTera

IFS Monitoring (directory, Objects, Libraries, Data Areas and Queues) 

Job Queue Monitoring




FTP Monitoring

Advanced Reporting 

TCP/IP Monitoring

Automated Option 21 Backups

Object Monitoring

Dashboard (Wintel, Unix, VMS, Linux

Distribution Queue Monitoring

BPM View

User Profile Monitoring

Subsystem Monitor  

Audit Journal Monitoring

Journal Receiver Maintenance

Restricted Tasks Management


Performance Monitoring

FTP Monitoring

Disk Space Management

TCP/IP Monitoring

Disk Explorer GUI

History Log

Spooled File Management

Bidirectional Alerts 

Log File Monitoring

Figaro Alerting

Intelligent Alerting

Work With ODBC Jobs


Directory Existence Check


AS400 Green Screen Alert Display

Check Battery Status

Allow Guest Profile


All of the features above are delivered as standard with Itheon for IBM i. This is not an exhaustive list but gives a flavour of the depth of monitoring capabilities.


The IBM i is not a silo, but part of a team

Many organisations believe that the IBM i is in a silo and therefore, simple to monitor and manage. In reality, most IBMi systems are interconnected to dozens of other Wintel based systems, to deliver various critical services to the business.

The below diagram illustrates how an IBM i is often at the heart of everything a business does. This highlights how business process monitoring from Itheon can enable rapid identification of issues, which in turn can enable rapid and often an automated resolution to issues that may be affecting business productivity.


IBM i Reporting

Itheon for iSeries also has over 200 metrics as a standard feature of our solution. This vast array of data is at your disposal from day one, for all of your reporting needs. Below is a sample dashboard to illustrate how Itheon can provide a single pane of glass for all of your reporting needs.



In summary, Itheon is the most flexible, feature-rich monitoring solution available for IBM i today, delivering significant business benefits to both small businesses and large corporations across the globe.

With everything included in a cost-effective solution, you can heighten productivity and maximise your investment. Because Itheon is 10+ years in the making and has developed continuously to provide additional functionality for specific customer needs, deployment will bring you:

  1. More automation – means faster fixes and better service
  2. More reporting – means better management
  3. Easier to use functionality – means more from your investment
  4. More ways to ensure your IBM i investment lasts longer
  5. SaaS means scale and cost benefits

All for less effort and cost.



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