Application Monitoring.

Insightful and reliable monitoring

Application Monitoring

Unified modern monitoring

Itheon is application and server monitoring through a single pane of glass. As the most unified modern solution available, it’s currently deployed on thousands of servers for hundreds of leading enterprises, utilising intelligence to heighten performance while saving time and money.

  • Flexible
  • Intelligent
  • Open

Application Monitoring

The robotic response

Itheon typically Automates 40% of operational tasks, doing all those mundane tasks first time every time. This makes you and your teams proactive while raising service and lowering costs. Automate even complex fixes lowering overheads and raising standards.

Visibility into every application

Itheon delivers a rules-based alerting system that is easily tailored for packaged enterprise and bespoke applications. This means that whatever the application, Itheon delivers in-depth monitoring.

Itheon replicates and tests everything an application does to ensure that it’s working. It enables easy monitoring of any API, operating system, WMI, database, SNMP or Syslog interface, and can make programmatic calls such as Python, JSON, Transact-SQL, ODBC, SOAP, C++, Java and JavaScript.

Applications working together cohesively

To compete and grow, companies have to be disruptive. Rising to this challenge demands that companies create sophisticated offerings that often require a complex portfolio of interdependent applications residing on diverse operating systems. This complexity makes problems hard to spot.

As a unified solution that monitors all platforms, Itheon enables rapid identification of problems. This clarity avoids war rooms and results in the delivery of the optimum solution every time. With high levels of automation, fixes are applied seamlessly before they affect productivity.

  • Simple user experienceMeans more from your investment
  • Rapid deploymentEarly realisation of business benefits

Helping you get the most out of application monitoring

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